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These day’s a lot of teenagers are looking for jobs online which doesn’t requires a lot of work.So i thought i should make a blog about this and share my way of making money online.The place where i make money on line is called Cash Crate.Cash Crate is a site where over 3 million members make money online just by completing offer / surveys and referrals.Now you all are probably thinking how is that possible.It’s possible because Cash Crate also get paid by advertiser’s.Every time you complete an offer you get paid and you also get paid for checking in.SO NOW you all probably want to know how dose this site work.

I’ll explain the procedure in steps

1.) sign up using the link below

2.) Enter your profile information

3.) watch a special tutorial video of cash crate

How to complete an offer

4.) click on the offer & complete it all the way

5.) come back to the cash crate page & submit the offer

6.) wait 20 minutes for the offer to be confirmed


some offers may take a while to be confirmed.


How to complete a survey

1.)Go to survey tab on while you are logged in on Cash Crate

2.)click on survey you want to do

3.)Complete survey all the way

4.)Once you are done you might see something like “click here to get back to your web page”.

5.)Come back & wait few hours for survey to get accepted

How to get referrals

1.) Try making blogs and video’s

2.)Tell your friend’s about Cash Crate

3.)Use you email contact’s to invite your friends

!!!!!!!!!!ENJOY CASH CRATE!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Searching for ways to make money online for a teenager was how I found cashcrate. I was so relieved when I realized anyone 13 and older could join. The money I made from cashcrate helped me pay for gas for my car when I got my license.

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