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The arrival of summer brings with it the tantalizing smell Memorial Day barbeques, the dazzling sight of 4th of July fireworks and the fun of Father’s Day. As the summer holidays come and go it is a constant reminder that the biggest of all holidays is just around the corner!

Before we know it December will be here and we may find ourselves without the funds we had planned to save throughout the year for Christmas. Saving money and sticking to a budget can be very difficult, especially with the added pressures of a poor economy, expensive summer utility bills, vacation spending and high interest credit card rates. All of these factors can stress even the most carefully planned budget.

Certainly, it’s not too late to consider ways to save money or make a little extra cash before the end of the year. So, what’s your first stop? Sure you could start by checking the Internet for tips on saving money or making quick cash. If you do you will likely be bombarded by sites proclaiming they have all the answers. You’ll see headlines like: “50 ways to save money on gifts” or “top ten tips to save!” There may even be sites that recommend you do without the things you love so that you can spend comfortably during the holidays. In the end it may all seem very frustrating.

Don’t give up hope yet! What if instead of all that pain staking penny-pinching, there was another way to actually make money in a short amount of time? There is a way to make quick money online and it is called Cashcrate. Cashcrate is a website that allows their members to complete surveys, quizzes and other offers all for free! Top paying companies provide Cashcrate with offers that they pass on to their members and these members can receive a check for all of their efforts in as little as a month.

A referral program is available for the go-getters that sign up with Cashcrate. The referral program has two levels with percentages of monetary rewards based on the quantity of active referrals the member gains. Referrals are large part of what some members enjoy as passive income from month to month. Visitors to Cashcrate can find a “payment wall” of user submitted photographs featuring valid checks made out to Cashcrate members. Many of these checks indicate a potential to make hundreds of dollars a month by simply participating in all aspects of the program.

If a Cashcrate member were to start completing surveys and offers in November, after reaching the twenty-dollar minimum payout, they could see a check arrive in the mail after the 20th of December. Just in time for Christmas!

So scrap those silly sites that suggest buying your toilet paper in bulk and join the thousands of members who are already making easy money online safely with the Cashcrate program.

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  • Eucallstar12 says:

    One of the things I love about CashCrate is the way they understand and do whats best for their members. Since everyone can always use a little cash for last minute shopping in December, checks for November's earnings are usually sent out a few days earlier that normal so that they will be sure to arrive before Christmas.

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